Tuesday, November 5, 2013

United Nations Disability Treaty

#DisabilityTreaty After hearing the hearing on this I do not like some aspects of this. Shades of UN Agenda 21 come to mind and other issues. One thing that was said by a person against it was that parents like Mae my GF who take care of their disabled family member or child/adult might not be able to or be excluded from that right to take care of and be paid for and to be over that disabled individual's finances, personal care and more. That is NOT acceptable.


 Mr Farris spoke out about the hidden issues surrounding this Treaty but was shot down and ignored and made fun of by the Democrats on the main Hearing Panel. I do not like the smell of this at all. This could open up our nation to come under laws, statutes, ordinances and or treaties that are contrary to our own Constitution. Obama himself has claimed Treaties surpass our Constitution. On CSPAN in the side box for the Closed Captioned Mr Farris's testimonial is NOT even shown as it should have been so NOBODY of the Hearing Impaired Disability Community could hear see his testimony on this treaty. This was a one sided Congressional Committee Hearing all for show. It will be ratified and then we will all see what is really in it. God help us all. God please watch over thy Disabled People.

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