Friday, October 4, 2013

From the Blogger's Desk on the Affordable Health Care Act

Now somebody please do tell us all what is the cost to all others forced into this Care Act? That is one issue I do not see people talking much about or local media reporters reporting about in the local media outlets. Obviously the local media reporters DO NOT want to go there or are being told by their respective copy editors NOT to go there. All we hear about how everybody wants their Free Health Care. Folks reality check it is NOT free. Somebody is going to get fat with funding and others are going to get very skinny from lack of money in their bank accounts to pay for their other bills.

Being forced to do something against your personal will and Liberty borders on the very edge of Communism from everything I read in history. Does history lie? Not really but people will try to change history to subvert it to their own views and political leanings but the facts are still there for all to research.

I will liken this to a woman being forced to have her tubes tied against her will, being forced to take birth control no matter how much she protests and fights against it and/or being forced to have an Abortion against her will. We can also liken this to any man being forced to have a Vasectomy or to be Castrated against his will. This is a venue I bet not many have thought in this direction but it is reality. Look at Communist China only allowing 1 baby I think it is per family and then Males are preferred. What happens to the unwanted children is an entire other atrocity in itself.

So now somebody please do tell us all how is being forced to do something against your personal Liberty a truly American thing and way of life?

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