Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy in real life

I have been busy in real life as of late and not much time to get postings up. I guess Summer time is like that. I hope all of you the viewers of this blog are doing well and life finds you in joyous spirits.

A lot is going on in Congress and in all the State Houses with the new Affordable Care Act IE: Obama-Care as some call it and come this next year it is really supposed to kick into gear. For me I'm worried about it for the simple fact the entire Bill is so big that many have not read it all nor might be able to and then actually understand what it all means.

I want to strongly encourage everybody reading here to please try and go to the Whitehouse.gov web site and download the FREE PDF copy of this Bill and begin to read it. A lot of it is legal mumbo jumbo but is important to us all.

Charles E Dudley Jr
Blog Owner/Admin.

Peace unto all of you and Much Love Honor and Respect.

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