Monday, April 29, 2013

Deaf Seniors USA: AZ: The Dark Side of HUD

You can go to the link provided below to read the article. I want to go "One The Record" as a Disabled since birth citizen of this United States of America that I personally DO NOT AGREE at all with this exclusive elitist mentality based on a Disability and especially the act of building Exclusive Communities with the Tax Payer Dollar for just one one class of Disabled American Citizen under HUD. After all I have been reading and researching this just stinks of the "Elitist Mentality" we accuse our own Elected Officials" of maintaining against "We The People". I as a Disability Advocate who believe all Disabled Citizens are EQUAL and am very much ashamed one of our groups with in our own Disability Community who has been pushing for Inclusiveness comes out swinging in this fashion and is actually pushing instead for Exclusiveness!! I might not be a 4 year college grad student or a overly educated individual but I can see a "Bait and Switch" political move from a very long way off. Some of you may get angry with this entry and that is just fine. Some of you might find this surprising if you are just reading about this for the first time. Some of you might be in shock that your fellow Brothers and Sisters in the Disability Community could be pushing this agenda. Last I checked the eye is still apart of the head even though it is the eye. Last I checked the hand is still part of the arm and the body. Last I checked we the Disability Community are all in this together and are all equal so why this exclusiveness out of one group in the Disability Community I must ask?

The last time I made a post of this type it was replied to with some very violent reactions, postings on other web sites, blogs and more and some very radical emails in my inbox. I guess I hit the nail square on the head if it solicited such a violent reaction at called Elitist Attitudes for what they are and that is "NOT ACCEPTABLE" in our Disability Community by any one group with in our Disability Community as a whole. 

Charles E Dudley Jr
Disabled since birth.
Fighting for Unity and Equality.         

Deaf Seniors USA: AZ: The Dark Side of HUD

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