Thursday, April 11, 2013

Abuse in the system

The ongoing abuse by those in the Disability Community with the "Entitlement Mentality" disgusts me to no end. I am Disabled myself since birth and these "Entitlement Mentalities" make my blood just boil. I read of a case of abuse put forth upon a home broker by somebody with the "Entitlement Mentality" and it just made me cringe. Private Business Owners and Private Property Owners who do not take ANY Federal, State, County or City Tax Payer Incentives you do have YOUR RIGHTS and you MUST know, learn and stand by them in the face of ANY ABUSE from any Disabled Citizen. Abuse by the Disability Community with the "Entitlement Mentality" is just not right and I as a Disabled American Citizen since birth will stand shoulder to shoulder with ANY Private Business or Private Property Owner if need be to stand up for your rights from anybody in the Disability Community. This comes from a Disabled Citizen. Some in the Disability Community make me ashamed to be collected into the group as a whole. I have a lot of love in my heart as only God knows for my Disabled Brothers and Sisters but for those who will radically abuse the system to force abuse on others I will not claim as Disabled American Citizens. God knows my heart and even though I cast judgement here and now God knows I call it like it is. Much Love Honor & Respect to all my truly Disabled Brothers and Sisters who know we have a great blessing and knows we are NOT "Entitled" but know we are "Blessed by God". Never piss off a old Blue Dog. You will lose every single time in the long run. /rant off.

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