Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mom calls 911 to help manage autitictic teen/ cops kill him, page 1

 Blogger's Note: Haven't these police departments heard yet of Crisis Intervention Teams that are specially trained to deal with the Developmentally Disabled and with other high stress situations such as this? National Association for the Mentally Ill IE:NAMI has been even helping to even fund Crisis Intervention Training for these CIT's across this entire nation. When I lived in Columbia Missouri  was on the ground floor of helping to push that City's Police Department into forming a CIT Unit and today that CIT Unit is doing a fine job and more and more officers are being trained. OMG what a tragedy. My prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man. 

"My son suffers from seizures and they just murdered him," Camberdella said of her 18-year-old son, Michael Camberdella. "They just killed him."

"The cop got out of the car and just started shooting six times," she said. "(My son) had no weapons, he had no nothing." Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told Parker shortly after noon what 911 callers told dispatchers, that the teen was armed with a hammer and hedge clippers. "He was nervous because he's afraid of police and he suffers from depression and he's, he's autistic," she said. "My son is autistic. He has significant brain damage."
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Mom calls 911 to help manage autitictic teen/ cops kill him, page 1

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