Friday, September 30, 2011

Bed Bugs Conference Held in Chicago This Week

Bed bugs were the topic of discussion at a conference held in Chicago this week, Reuters reports.

According to Reuters, about 75 companies gathered at the conference in the hopes of launching the perfect bed bug killer. Some of the ideas presented at the conference included freezing them with vacuum-like machines that spout carbon dioxide, baking them in heated tents, and dehydrating their shell with a dust made of crushed fossils, called diatomaceous earth, that can be sprinkled on floors.

"I never figured I'd be in Chicago for a bed bug conference. I never thought that in my wildest dreams," Mike Bourdeau, of Flynn Pest Control in Massachusetts, said at the second annual Bed Bug University.

Bourdeau added that the bed bug business is booming. It went from virtually zero percent of his company less than five years ago to about 20 percent of what the company brings in today.

"It's probably going to be a big part of our business for ... the next ten years," he said.

A 2011 study by University of Kentucky researchers and the National Pest Management Association showed that more than 80 percent of surveyed pest control companies said they believed bed bug infestations were on the rise. Additionally, 80 percent of those companies had treated hotels for bed bugs within a year, up from 67 percent a year ago.

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