Friday, July 1, 2011

Social Security benefits may receive cuts

AARP wants to set the record straight about some comments in recent opinions regarding the debate on federal budget cuts [“Cuts to Social Security benefits,” Northwest Voices, June 21].

Contrary to inaccurate and misleading reports, AARP has not changed our position on Social Security, and we are as committed as we have ever been to protecting and strengthening the program for today’s seniors and for generations to come.

In fact, we’re fighting right now to stop Congress from cutting Social Security benefits as part of a deal to pay the nation’s bills. Social Security is a separately financed program that did not contribute to the deficit and should not be used as a piggy bank to solve the nation’s deficit.

Our focus has always been on the human impact of changes, not just the budget tables. Any changes to this lifeline program should happen in a separate, broader discussion and make retirement more secure for current and future retirees — not less.

Social Security is a critically important issue for our members, their families and Americans of all ages. And, as we have been for decades, we will continue to protect this bedrock of lifetime financial security for all generations of Americans.

— John Barnett, AARP state president, Kirkland

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