Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Medical marihuana legal or not

Medical marijuana may be legal in the State of Michigan, but it's still illegal by federal standards, and the Marquette City Commission heard from the DEA on the subject.

DEA Special Agent Robert corso from Detroit presented the commission with insight into the federal perspective of medical marijuana.

He explained that the DEA still considers marijuana a schedule one drug like heroin and ecstasy.

This means even if dispensaries or collective growers are operating in the legal parameters of a local ordinance, they are still subject to federal penalties.

"There's been a lot of questions regarding the dichotomy between federal and state and local ordinances and all I did tonight was give federal perspective on medical marijuana issues throughout the country," said Corso

Corso also shared personal experiences as to the negative effects of medical marijuana in communities such as rising crime rates.

The Marquette City Commission is in the process of trying to craft a medical marijuana ordinance.

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