Friday, June 10, 2011

It's time to care about Medicare if you're under 55

Many letters have been written regarding the Ryan Medicare Plan and how Democrats are using “scare tactics” to convince our senior population to fight, when the people who should be outraged are those of us under the age of 55 who have been contributing for decades to Medicare and are now being told by Republicans that we don't deserve to receive the same benefits.

In Nancy Brost's most recent Letter to the Editor, she lays blame on Democrats for our country's current woes, while failing to take responsibility for her party's attempt to make the middle class, elderly and poor pay for the financial gutting this country took after eight years of Republican rule, through their wars and tax breaks and entitlement programs for the wealthiest of the wealthy.

A typical Republican response: “What's mine is mine, and the rest of you can fend for yourselves.”

Although I could be wrong, I'll bet every one of the letter writers in support of the Ryan plan is over the age of 55 and guaranteed their benefits.

And although I know it is considered rude to ask a woman her age, tell us Ms. Brost, how old are you?

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