Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dinner train could arrive in the next two weeks

The Columbia Star dinner train could arrive in town from Iowa within the next two weeks, Central States Railroad Associates President Mark Vaughn said Thursday.

The precise arrival date remains unclear because Central States is relying on other companies' schedules.

“We are making operations to move the train at this time," Vaughn said. "Everything is proceeding normally, but it takes time to ship a train 500 miles.”

The dinner train has passed all inspections needed to make its trip to Columbia, Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lorah Steiner said. The train will have to travel along three different railroad lines to get here. Once it arrives, Central States will have to hire food services and other personnel to staff the train.

“We are all anxious expecting the train to get here, but we need to be patient and understand that operators have to meet certain requirements to move the train to Columbia,” Steiner said.

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It is pathetic on the maiden trip that No Wheel Chair Users will be allowed to enjoy in the gallant first ride.I bet if there was a Wheel Chair Disabled Citizen sitting on City Council this would not be going on. Our City Council should be ashamed of themselves! You claim to support the ADA yet turn around and throw the Wheel Chair using Disability Community under the train!! Yes I am disgusted.

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