Friday, November 12, 2010

Today's Op-Eds: Health Reform Is Working, The Costs Of The Overhaul, Erasing Mental Health Care Stigma For Vets

Health Care Overhaul Is Lacking Des Moines Register
The health care overhaul missed a historic opportunity to cut costs, which was a main reason for the overhaul. Employees are learning they'll pay more, not less. This contradicts the message from President Obama that health reform would lower a typical family's premiums by up to $2,500 (Sen. Chuck Grassley, 11/11).

Health Reform Is Working The Philadelphia Inquirer
So the GOP's guerilla-style tactics to slow and even reverse health reform could well prove unpopular with growing numbers of citizens as the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (its official name) take hold. That, of course, is the message President Obama's aides should, and will, try to get out in the months ahead (11/11).

Health-Care Overhaul Helps More Patients But At A Cost The Newton Kansan
The health-care overhaul will force millions of uninsured people who can afford health insurance to get insurance. However, millions more will come onto the state- and federal-funded Medicaid rolls. The volume may be an issue for the system, as it currently is taking up to 10 months to get a Medicaid card today (Cristina Janney, 11/10).

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