Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mental Illness In USA Widespread And Commonly Untreated

Nearly one fifth of all adults in the United States say they had a mental illness during the preceding 12 months. Of serious concern is that only 37% got any professional medical help, according to a new report issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The report also revealed that there are 4.4 million Americans with a "serious mental health illness" who are walking around untreated.

The authors revealed that:

* 19.9% of the people surveyed said they had had a mental illness during the twelve months before their interview
* 4.8% reported having a serious mental health illness during the same time frame; nationally, this totals 11 million people

A serious mental illness is one that makes at least one major activity in life extremely difficult or impossible to do, according to SAMHSA.

Of the 8.4 million adult Americans who thought seriously about committing suicide during the preceding twelve months, 2.2 million went further and actually made some plans, and one million attempted suicide, the report informs.

Approximately 19% of those with a mental illness were also found to have a substance abuse disorder. 25.7% of individuals with a serious mental illness also have a substance abuse disorder.

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