Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why does Columbia have no parks designed for the Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children of this community

This question was brought up earlier this year at a City of Columbia Disability Commission meeting I attended earlier this year and it still makes me wonder today why we have no real Disabled/Mobility Challenged Friendly Park in Columbia for the Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children of our community.

Good question isn't it as Columbia Parks and Recreation has all manner of parks for the Non Disabled Children of our community but none for the Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children. Wow is Columbia Parks and Recreation really as diverse as they claim to be? It does not look like it from this Citizen Advocate's point of view.

If Prop 1 passes I and I know others would like to see Parks and Recreation create a Disabled/Mobility Challenged Park in our community just for this at risk group of children.

Can you imagine being in a wheel chair as a child and never being able to experience a thrilling ride of a Merry Go Round or a Swing or a host of other rides that normal children do. Sure there are limitations and there must be supervision at all times but the simplest of rides would make a huge world of difference in the lives of Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children in our community wouldn't it?

How about joining in on this campaign to help benefit the Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children in our community today by contacting your City Councilmen,Mayor,Bill Watkins,Tony St Romaine and Mike Hood and asking them and discussing this issue with them.

Don't our Disabled/Mobility Challenged Children deserve to be able to enjoy the Park Playgrounds just like other children do?

Thank you for your time in reading this and please remember our all of our children are a valuable asset so let's not short change them needlessly.


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