Thursday, October 14, 2010

Columbia Dinner Train ADA/FTA Compliant Issues

To all concerned:

This is a very controversial issue at it's best and the Dinner Train
Company claims exemption under ADA but the Federal Transportation
Administration(here after referred to as FTA) has no such exemption
and according to their page here:

This Dinner Train IS NOT EXEMPT if you read the FTA Guidelines of
accountability for exemption.


The Dinner Train had to have it's Kitchen Car totally RE-MODIFIED to
bring it up to current codes of fire and food safety.There was mention
of a REMODELING of the car in the newspaper article on the Tribune I
do believe.

The Dinner Train had to have all of it's BRAKING SYSTEM MODIFIED ie:
UPGRADED to bring it in compliance with all of the new FTA
regulations.I am sure the original braking system was very outdated.

The Dinner Train had to have it's ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS UPGRADED ie:
MODIFIED to come up to all current FTA Codes and Guidelines.

The word Modify is best examined by the the dictionary definition here:

We must also look at the word Upgrade as defined here:

If we look at all of the above in context with this Dinner Train it is
quite obvious that it is not ADA nor FTA Compliant with all of the
guidelines of both for being able to transport Disabled Citizens ie:
Those Mobility Challenged.

With all of the information above it is quite obvious to me that any
agreement to operate this Dinner Train Business between the City of
Columbia and the Central States Railroad Association is a blatant
violation of not only the ADA Title 2 and 3 Guidelines,FTA Guidelines
but is also a misuse of ANY public tax payer funding,tax payer owned
property,public interest right of ways and all other areas of common
public interest in being in conformity to all ADA Guidelines of the
United States of America.

In closing:

I received today my denial of my Grievance Request I sent directly to
the City of Columbia ADA Coordinator Tony St Romaine that ALL business
be TEMPORARILY HALTED until this issue is really resolved. I am still
awaiting my response from the Department of Justice on this issue at
which I time I will make that public for all to be able to read.

I do not want to see this Dinner Train leave nor see it shut down but
I do not feel it is in the best interest of the City of Columbia to be
doing any kind of business with a business coming into our area that
is not ADA and or FTA Compliant with those that are Mobility
Challenged and who require reasonable accommodations as outlined by
the ADA and FTA Guidelines.

The ADA is 20 years old now and it is simply amazing that we must
still be worrying,squabbling,fighting and even in a lot of instances
across our entire nation going as far as the Supreme Court to ensure
that the Disabled and or Mobility Challenged Citizen get equal rights
just as others expect of them. What kind of a diverse community are we
if we are not thinking about the less fortunate first in all manner
when it comes to the spending of public tax payer funded projects.

This letter will also be openly published on my own community forum
board Citizens For Change In Columbia,my disability blog Columbia
Citizens For Disability Advocacy,my Columbia Tribune Blog and anyone
can freely post it publicly to anywhere they so choose so that all
might be able to learn from and not let this issue happen in their
community as it is happening here in Columbia Missouri.

Thank you for your time,your understanding and all that you do as the
government body and employees of the City of Columbia Missouri.

Charles E Dudley Jr

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