Saturday, October 2, 2010

Columbia Airport looking to upgrade?

According to sources the City Council is looking at the feasibility and the research involved in making Columbia Airport a much bigger place in the future to handle more capacity.

My first question on this is there going to include in this feasibility research and study a way to get funding to finally put a Concourse between the terminal and the planes instead of passengers having to climb the stair wells and the mobility challenged having to be lifted up to the plane entrance on some type of device I have not heard rave reviews about at all.

Also let us all wait and see if the Disability Community of this area and the Disability Commission are in on the ground floor of this research into the feasibility of this issue as obviously the entire Disability Community of the surrounding area and the City of Columbia Disability Commission were entirely left out of the ground floor process to look at the feasibility of the Dinner Train we are in the middle of controversy over now.

When all new projects of this magnitude including shopping centers and new subdivisions are to be researched and initially developed the Disability Community of this entire area and the City of Columbia Disability Commission need to be involved from the beginning until the end so that architects and planners might know the needs of the disabled and that includes the mobility challenged of our community.

Also we as a community need to hold our City Administrators to some higher standards when it comes to our building inspections and that also includes Planning and Zoning who approve these new shopping centers and subdivisions.

When I first moved here to Missouri in 1997 I heard that Columbia was the most Disabled Friendly City in the state but as time has gone by a lot of times I see things far different and I believe it is time that our overseers at City Hall be held more accountable to the International Building Codes as they relate to the ADA and the Federal Transportation Administration and to you the community of Columbia and the surrounding area as a whole.

Accessibility with ease and equality is for everybody not just a select group of citizens as those spouting the hyperbole want you to think.

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