Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CONVENTION DIRECTOR: No "win-win" in dinner train

For the City of Columbia, a private business, and patrons who require disability-friendly access, a vintage dinner train proposed to run between Columbia and Centralia poses a "unique problem," Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) director Lorah Steiner told the Columbia Heart Beat.

In receipt of $45,000 from the CVB Tourism Attraction Development Fund, Central States Railroad Company wants to restore vintage dining cars to run on the publicly-owned COLT railroad. Local disability advocates are unhappy that a project receiving public support won't be accessible to all members of the public, including elderly patrons for whom the historic attraction would be especially appealing.

"I understand the concerns of the Disabilities Commission and Services for Independent Living," Steiner said. "But this is a situation that has no true 'win-win' solution."

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It has been 20 years this year since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed and look how far we have not come as a community and as a society in not applying equal accessibility standards for all citizens.

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