Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Survey: Drug Therapy Best Treatment for Children With ADHD

A Consumer Reports Health survey finds 67 percent of parents asked to rate the most effective treatments for ADHD identified drug therapy as most helpful, followed by 45 percent who said switching to a school better suited to help with the condition helped a lot.

The report provides detailed guidance on two classes of drugs to treat ADHD (stimulants and non-stimulants). In a related blog, Consumer Reports' medical adviser, Dr. Orly Avitzur, discusses how the ADHD label has evolved, as evidenced by the small fraction of parents -- only 22 percent -- who said it was problematic having a child labeled as having ADHD.

"The result is that students and surprisingly professionals in several fields, including medicine, are seeking out an ADHD diagnosis in order to excel through the use of drugs or accommodations, such as more time to take tests," said Dr. Avitzur. Eight percent of parents whose kids had received a diagnosis told Consumer Reports Health that getting accommodations for standardized tests, like the SAT., was a reason for seeking an ADHD diagnosis.

Source and More:

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