Monday, July 19, 2010

FDA Panel Rejects Obesity Drug Qnexa Over Less Safety Data

While FDA panellists discuss the fate of obesity drugs, a company called Vivus has come up with phentermine/topiramate combination into a new anti-obesity drug: Qnexa (pronounced kyoo-NEX'-uh). The medicine, which still awaits FDA approval, has already been dubbed as the most revolutionary weight loss drug after popular “Phen”.

However, the recent controversy related to anti-diabetes drug Avandia has raised speculations over the fate of these drugs, as they do have side effects. Avandia came under FDA scanner after multiple studies said that Avandia elevated heart risks.

A study was conducted on 3000 patients in this regard. Some of them given low dose of the medicine and they shed about 5 percent of the weight. Patients given higher dose shed over 10 per cent. However the figures didn’t impress the FDA panel much. The panel on Thursday said that the drug should not be marketed as the benefits were outnumbered by the safety concerns, which ranged from higher heart rate to suicidal thoughts.

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