Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disabilities Forum of Columbia Missouri

April 26, 2010

Homer Page, Ph.D., author/owner

Maria Oropallo, Public Relations

(Columbia, MO) Dr. Robert McDavid, newly elected City of Columbia mayor, has agreed to meet with Columbia residents living with disabilities. The forum, sponsored by The Disabilities Forum project, the City's Disability Commission and Disability Media Inc. will be held on May 6, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. in the Columbia City Council chambers. In addition to the new Mayor, Columbia's City Manager Bill Watkins and Parks and Recreation Department Director Mike Hood will also be in attendance.

There are no requirements to attend the session, only a sincere desire to dialogue with the City on programs that work, and programs that still need work. This will be the first opportunity for persons with disabilities to meet directly with the new Mayor. Dr. Homer Page, chair of the Disabilities Commission will facilitate the event

The City Council Chambers are on the first floor of the new City Administration Building at 8th Street and Broadway. All are invited to participate. For anyone wishing to submit questions before hand, they may do so at the Disabilities Forum blog at http://www.disabilitiesforum.net

This is the first of four forums to be held in 2010, where City leaders will dialogue with the disabilities community. Other topics to be discussed at later forums include city accessibility, housing and human services, and public safety and emergency preparedness.

This project is funded through a grant by the City of Columbia Public Communications Resources Advisory Committee.

For more information, please contact Homer Page at 573-446-0441.

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