Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Closure Revised For Western Mo. Mental Facility

The Department of Mental Health outlined a plan several weeks ago to close the Nevada Habilitation Center and move its 94 residents to group homes. But some families expressed concern about uprooting their relatives and potentially moving many miles away.

Mental Health Director Keith Schafer said the agency now plans to build up to nine group homes on the current site of the Nevada Habilitation Center. That will allow about 70 residents to remain there; the rest will be moved to group homes in southeast Missouri.

“We're cautiously excited about this situation,” said Natalie Woods, president of the Nevada Habilitation Center Family Support Association. Woods said her 37-year-old sister, Cindy Ivie, has cerebral palsy, mild mental retardation, epilepsy and mental illnesses and had been “very sad and scared” about the prospect of moving and losing her current care providers.


Added Note: The warehousing of the Developmentally Disabled is so inhuman. They move them around like cattle. These people/citizens deserve alot more dignity.

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