Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bills to expand the privatization of Medicaid approved by panel

TALLAHASSEE - Two bills to expand Medicaid privatization to all Florida counties and potentially save Florida billions of dollars were approved Monday by a House panel.

The bills, approved by the Select Policy Council on Strategic and Economic Planning would establish the Florida Medicaid program as a statewide integrated medical care program for all covered services, including long-term care, over a five-year period.

Under the plan, Florida would be divided into six regions and each area would have a minimum of three to five plans and maximum of 10 plans to choose from. Alachua County would be part of the North Central/Northeast Florida Region.

"As Florida experiences the most challenging economic times in memory, it is even more apparent that the current Medicaid system is unsustainable," said Rep. Denise Grimsley, a Lake Placid Republican.

With the health-care bill approved in Washington, Florida's Medicaid enrollment will swell by more than a million new participants.

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