Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slander,verbal,mental and other forms of abuse allowed by CHA of it's disabled residents

This is an ongoing story many can confirm who have lived inside of Paquin Tower before and by those living with in Paquin Tower now.

Over the years this has been a very serious issue here at Paquin Tower with residents with and with out documented disabilities perpetrating abuse of Mental and Emotional Distress against other residents and CHA at times just turning a blind eye no matter what the A.D.A.,H.U.D.,the Columbia Housing Authority's own renter's lease and other official documents by the United States Government that protect the disabled citizen might represent.

Last Paquin Tower Resident Association Meeting Penny Harrington Site Manager of Paquin Tower told all residents at the meeting in plain language that the ongoing gossip,malicious rumors and all other things upsetting the entire building were to stop and stop now.

Obviously this has not happened by a recent incident reported to me by Keith Martin the Co Administrator of this blog.

Penny Harrington also stated plainly that Freedom Of Speech would not be allowed so anybody could hide behind the excuse for these ongoing behaviors by those continually perpetrating these ongoing issues.

An email sent to all top CHA Management is present here for you the readers:

From: Keith Martin
To: psteinhaus@columbiaha.com
Cc: Dearl Logan ; Penny Harrington ; april Steffensmeier ; Lee Radtke ; poundpuppy2k1@gmail.com
Sent: Mon, March 29, 2010 3:58:58 PM
Subject: Defamation of character

What's it going to take to end the liable, defamation of character, slander that has gone way past just rumors and is now heading into a legal action that should be billed to CHA since there have been numerous reports of such activity and this has also been brought to Gary's attention who tried to handle it. But it seems to continue.

Cheryl Woodley just found out from John #*** that Don Burkett told him and about 8 other people in the liars corner(imagine that), that Cheryl took a hand full of pills and passed out. Who called 911? I would like the response records from the EMT team that responded. Also, what did the pills look like that Don says he saw her take right in front of 9 people and then pass out?

Now, if CHA has witnesses to these actions and are unable to do anything about all these allegations not based in fact, do I need to contact HUD directly and see what the course of action should be?

This is an informative message only, looking for advice from Management, April says there is not much she can do about it. So, if managements hands are tied, Please advise to the proper recourse.

Cheryl is pretty shook up and going through Physical and Mental distress.

Thank you,

- Keith Martin

There have been many many many official written complaints and verbal as well submitted to CHA over the years about Don Burkett's ongoing behaviors and nothing done about this issue as obviously he continues to perpetrate issues against and with other residents.

As of this post the Columbia Police Department Crisis Intervention Team has been notified and a official report filed in this ongoing issue. The Columbia Police Department's C.I.T. Unit is highly trained in these issues of abuse toward Disabled Citizens. Also other Local,State and National Disability Advocacy Agencies have been alerted.

This is just one of many such incidents that have been going on for quite some time. According to CHA Official Guidelines they say they do not condone these ongoing behaviors by residents but then the way it looks to the residents themselves CHA just turns a blind eye and says people can say what they want.

Isn't that hypocrisy?

Is it really ok to Mentally harass and disturb another disabled citizen to the point they might have to go check in to University Hospital Mental Unit?

This is one of the realities of living in Paquin Tower for anybody who wishes to move here. There is no reason to pull punches about the issues and no reason to cover up the truths so anybody in the future might be harmed in any way as this resident above is going through now and other residents have gone through in the past.

I myself have been under the gun in these ongoing issues myself and I now just stay to my apartment so nothing can really be said about me nor what I do or do not do in the building. You take away their target of opportunity and they will go find another target which is the pattern of those residents continually harassing other residents and CHA turning the blind eye no matter what HUD,ADA,State,County and Local Ordinance,Statues and regulations might accommodate for.

This is reality folks and it goes on right in the heart of your community.

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