Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm in limbo...well kinda...

After going to that meeting on Monday afternoon of the Crisis Intervention Team and listening to the officer from Lees Summit I am more convinced now that ever that this is a thing this county and city absolutely must have to protect all citizens of Boone County and the City of Columbia.

I know this is not ever a 100% thing by far but it sure is a step in the right direction for sure.

The reason I am in limbo is because of so much negativity by those in this Boone County Area and with in the City of Columbia who post openly against or not very much in favor of this program and they also post that no average citizen should have any input into this type of program either.

What average citizens are not to have opinions now or in the future in how they and others are treated by any and all law enforcement?

One of the biggest nay sayers that I have come across is a citizen by the name of Rick Gurley whom I have been in very heated debates with on the Trib Board local forum of the Columbia Tribune news paper.

He has it in his head that somebody such as myself a disabled citizen since birth cannot have honest and meaningful points of view on this subject of the use of Tasers not only against the Mentally Ill but with citizens as a whole.

What being disabled all of my life and being around disabled people all of my life does not qualify me to present my opinions on this matter?

What has our world come to these days when we as disabled citizens cannot stand up and present our opinions with out fear of being belittled by the general public.

I have gone researching as of late and there are so many stories of Tasers being used against those with Mental Disabilities that it makes me sick.

Just go to any search engine and type in "Tasers and the Mentally Disabled" it sickens me reading these stories.

I guess this is where I ask you fellow disabled and non disabled citizens alike to please contact your friends,family members,local self help agencies,the CPD,the Mayor and all others you feel are concerned about this issue as well who want to see this new Crisis Intervention Team succeed and even to bring to our community more educational value on this issue as a whole.

There are the local agencies working on this issue now but your emails,letters and phone calls will help make a huge difference over all in helping to reinforce the message that there is a problem.

I can only do so much but as a whole we can do so much more. This is not just a local issue but a national issue as well that effects every one of us disabled and non disabled alike.

Thank you for your time and your understanding. Together we can begin to build those much needed bridges we so desperately need to be building to begin the work on change we can all believe in.

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