Friday, December 12, 2008

Crisis Intervention Team Announcement and Invitation

The following is a press release from the Columbia Police Department about their new Crisis Intervention Team being formed.
The Columbia Police Department is pleased to announce our involvement in the development of a Crisis Intervention Team for the Columbia/Boone County Area. Crisis Intervention Teams, (CIT), are a community collaboration between law enforcement, mental health providers, mental health courts, and advocacy groups. They are designed to better equip police officers to interact with individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis by providing specialized training, and creating a plan to better match individuals in crisis with mental health providers. CIT is a nationwide effort the Columbia Police Department has been researching for some time. The collaboration between law enforcement and other stakeholders will insure that those individuals needing assistance in our community are better served.

The patrol officers that are selected for CIT would attend a 40 hour specialized training and would wear a pin on their uniform designating them as CIT officers. This has proven valuable in other communities as the subjects in crisis realize they are talking to an officer that have special training and may understand the issues a little better and may communicate a little better.

The Columbia Police Department will be partnering with Boone County Sheriff’s Department, the University of Missouri Police Department, the Boone County Mental Health Court, local mental health providers and advocacy groups to implement this team concept in the Columbia/Boone County Area. Our introductory meeting will be held on Monday December 15, 2008 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM at the Boone County Government Building, Commission Chambers. The media is welcome to join us at the meeting as we begin the collaboration process.

_________________________________ RELEASE ISSUED:

Lt. Dianne Bernhard 12/12/08 8:51 AM

Patrol Shift Commander, Columbia Police

I received this personally via email from:
Captain Zim Schwartze
Community Operations Division Commander
Columbia, Mo Police Department
600 East Walnut Street
Columbia, Mo 65201
Office #573-874-7525

Take pride in the fact people are listening to your concerns.

Keep on advocating for "Change We Can Believe In".

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