Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Story Contributors Needed

So you found a story you would like to share here on the blog well here is your chance to do so.

This site is in need of more contributors to help it grow and expand upon the other topics and stories relating to disability advocacy as a whole.

There are two ways you can contribute:

A: By sending your stories to me at my email address of and address the title/subject as story contribution.

B: By posting them yourself if you have a Gmail account to sign up with and if you do not have a Gmail account and would like one just email me at and put in the title/subject line "Account Please" and I will hook you up with a free Gmail account and then you can sign into here and post up your own news articles of interest you would like to share.

Posting your stories is not hard at all and is real self explanatory. It is almost like the lay out of your own email account format,only you will be posting to everybody on the internet. It is that easy.

This site will only grow over time if we get more viewers contributing to the site.:)

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