Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sidewalks In Columbia

Follow up story and great news for the disabled:

Some great news on the sidewalk issue is that new ordinances are in the process of being drafted for proposal to the City Council that will create "new sidewalk ordinances" that will require all property owners to fix and maintain the sidewalks in front of their properties and to bring them up to City Code or face potential fines for non compliance of ordinance.

This is being prepared rather thoroughly after alot of research of other city's sidewalk codes and ordinances and all that needs to be worked out is the legal lingo.

Look for this soon to be delivered to City Council for review and public hearing if the City Council agrees with all of the proposed ordinance as it will be presented.

All of this study and work on the proposal was funded by the "GetAboutColumbia" project.

This is probably going to be a great story the editors of this paper can run with in the near future.

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