Thursday, October 9, 2008

Columbia sidewalks might get pilot program

Well some news I found out today on the GetAboutColumbia project is there is a student doing a 3 week study on the feasibility of the implementation of a "pilot program" here in Columbia to look at the repair of sidewalks that are near and service the largest numbers of disabled citizens in Columbia. These concentrations would include Freedom House,Oak Towers and yes Paquin Tower.

This study is looking at the mobility problems of those in powered wheel chairs and powered scooters and their ease of mobility around their respective areas and beyond.

Also included in this study is the long term usages of the different kinds of sidewalk building materials that can be used such as the differences between concrete and the new rubberized asphalt which the young lady that will be doing this study says she has been deeply looking into and has found alot of major cities going to this type of new surfacing due to it's ease of being able to be taken up and relayed when tree roots grow under sidewalks and need to be removed or trimmed and if any other work should happen to be needing done. She explained the relaying of the rubberized asphalt is faster and alot more ease of application than concrete with the over all ease of a smoother more continuous surface that is more disabled friendly even for those who might use one of those fancy new walkers that you see alot using.

This is great news for the disabled community here in Columbia if this pilot program is approved after presentation to the City Council and even if it not accepted the results are there for future use by any other city looking to possibly do the same types of improvements.

It is so nice that people are listening and looking into this issue.

Stay tuned in the future for more details.

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