Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bulletin Board Proposal Submitted Due To Vandalism Of Disability Event Fliers

Over the last couple of weeks at Paquin Tower there have been several various event notices put up for various disability events around the area and these "fliers" have seen a continual vandalism of being taken down and put into the trash cam.

I found this very unacceptable so I wrote up a "proposal" to hopefully help alleviate this problem in the future and I wanted to share it with you the reader of this blog here.

The proposal is as follows and all entities mentioned in this proposal have been contacted and now I await to see some results.
The following is a proposal for a locked glass case style bulletin board to be placed inside Paquin Tower for the sole purpose of being able to post Disability Advocacy Issues with out the problems of these fliers,notices of meetings and other related material being torn down,removed or destroyed.
The location of this object would be on the column near the Resident Services Office on the South Side of the column facing the front of the building.
The dimension of the item needed is 25 inches wide by 36 inches tall with a standard cork board for the pinning of the notices to and a door covering that would have a simple lock.
Such as this example on this web site here:
This proposal would be looked upon by: Columbia Housing Authority Chief Executive Officer ,the Columbia Housing Authority Resident Services Executive Officer, Boone County Family Resources Executive Officer, Services for Independent Living Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Columbia Disability Advisory Commission of the City of Columbia.
This project needs to be handled at the Executive level for the guaranteed success of this project that will benefit the Paquin Tower community over the long run of the facilities life span.
Paquin Tower is all about being geared toward the disabled citizen of Columbia and as such this small project will go a very long way in being able to bring more information to the disabled citizen inside the Paquin Tower residential facility run by the Columbia Housing Authority.
This small project could be paid for out of any grant funds that are available to all of the above mentioned entities and even conjointly funded by all so it is a community funded project.
The installation time is nominal of two people and maybe 15 – 20 minutes maximum installation time required. The rewards are priceless.
If this project were implemented then more notices could be posted and kept updated by their respective agencies or by a “resident/volunteer” who resides in the Paquin Tower building.
There are other bulletin style boards in place now but as of late and in the past any and all notices of meetings,events,informational fliers have been subjected to being torn down, vandalized, destroyed and more so as you see this little project would cure these past problems that have occurred and secure that valuable information being presented for all disabled citizens living in Paquin Tower.
My hope is to see this proposal given the official ok and this problem of fliers that are posted for the various disability events in our area to remain viewable for all in a secure spot.


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