Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why this blog? Welcome Aboard

Some of you may be asking yourselves why the need for a Blog of this type in the Columbia area and I hope to answer a lot of that question with this post.

A fellow disabled individual who is jumping into the disabled advocacy role just as I am commented to me one day about the lack of a place he could go and find out about a wide variety of events,discussions on topics relating to disability issues by the disabled themselves,lawyers,health care workers,community leaders,teachers,law enforcement,disability advocacy agencies and all disabled citizens of Columbia and the surrounding area.

He suggested with my wide interest in disability advocacy and my Internet knowledge that maybe I should look at creating such a project and that is how this site came into creation.

The hope and mission of this site is for it to grow so all disabled individuals may come here to post,attain information,share information as well as experience,strength and hope of a better tomorrow for all disabled individuals in our area through this form of modern communication.

This site will only grow as you begin to post your stories,events,views on issues,views on advocacy and all other related types of information so those coming to this Blog have more to read and comment on as it grows.

This Blog is for you the Disability Advocate,the Disabled Individual and for you the Non Disabled Individual as well. Make yourself at home,sign up for a account and welcome to the Blog.

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