Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain on disability

First off let me plainly state here I do not belong to any political party and choose not to but I do vote on issues and how those issues effect me as a citizen of the country and how those issues effect other disabled citizens and how those issues will be handled by those governing over all citizens in this country.

Ok we all know John McCain is a Disabled American Citizen and as such I for one would think he would be a primary front person for the disabled population of our country as well.

After going to John McCain's web site and searching through tons of info and unless I missed something in the wording or it is so encrypted I do not see a comprehensive policy pertaining directly to the disabled population of our country at all. Am I missing something I might have not understood? Am I not reading his site incorrectly by chance and lost something in all of the political jargon of the site?

I went to Barack Obama's site and there is a very nicely laid out comprehensive plan to help the disabled population of this country if he is elected as President.

It bothers me as it should bother all Disabled Americans that as a presidential Candidate John McCain seems to be leaving his fellow disabled brothers and sisters by the way side in this election.

Being disabled myself since birth and my father being legally disabled since the age of 15 years old this issue relating to those who run our country is important to me and not only my future but the future of all Disabled Americans as well. If this is an important issue to you as well then stand up,contact your State Representatives as well as your Congressional Representatives and let them know how you feel about these issues.

Maybe for the betterment of all Disabled Americans Congress should look at passing legislation so that no Disabled Americans are left out of any or all issues in future campaigns for the Presidential seat.

They can call it "No Disabled American Left Behind" in honor of all Disabled Americans who try to contribute daily to the over all advocacy by those for the rights of the Disabled Population of America.

Why is it that alot of times the Disabled Citizens of America are left out of the mix?

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